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Familiarization With Tattoos

Posted on August 31 2018

Tattoos are one of the best platforms for self-expression and your tattoo reflects your personality. But getting a tattoo is never ever an impulsive decision. It is a decision that comes into the forefront after a thought takes birth in your mind and that thought gets converted into a creative design that showcases you personally.

Tattoo artist holding a pink tattoo machine in black sterile gloves and working on the professional blue mat

Before getting a tattoo it is always advised to get acquainted with the whole tattooing process and clear all your doubts related to tattooing. In this article, we have tried to come up with answers to a few such queries linked with tattooing.

• Do tattoos stretch when you get older?

As you age, it is inevitable that you will get wrinkles. However, the technology has come a long way and there are myriad of ways to minimize wrinkles around your tattoo. Tattoos always have a special meaning for you and it will always reflect your personality whether your tattoos become wrinkled or not. Stretch or sag is a common phenomenon and doesn’t let it ruin the grace of your tattoo.

• Do tattoos fade over time?

Whether you have got a black tattoo or a color tattoo, it is a fact that they will fade over time. However, if you take a good care of your tattoo like your own child, tattoo fading can be prevented with just a few important tips. Most tattoo inks will fade over time but never fade away completely. The edges of the tattoo usually become less defined with time.

• Do tattoos make you attractive?

A study revealed that as per the women, men with tattoos are healthier, more masculine, dominant and aggressive. However, they are not as attractive as the men with no tattoos. So, if your sole purpose to get a tattoo is to just flaunt your skin, just make up your mind once again because you aren’t going to look hotter with tattoos. It just a way of self-expression and your thoughts.

• Do tattoos go away?

The ink used in tattooing process gets deposited in the dermis layer that becomes permanent. But it does fade a little with age. Hence tattoos never go away completely, it just fades a little with age. You can get rid of your tattoo only by destroying dermis by dermabrasion or laser technology.

• Are tattoos dangerous?

As per FDA, few reports have come into forefront mentioning the bad reactions to tattoo inks right after the session of tattooing. And even after years of tattoo same problem has been reported. The other reasons, however, can be an allergy to products like hair dyes if your tattoo contains p-phenylenediamine (PPD).

• Can you get cancer from tattoos?

People suffering from or who suffered from had skin cancer are always at higher risk of developing future skin cancers, but mark the words, tattoos do not increase that risk. However, it is never a good idea to get a tattoo close to the location of your mole. Make sure your tattoo is placed far from any mole present on your skin.

• Can tattoos go over freckles?

You can get tattoos over your freckles anytime and it is always possible depending upon your skin tone, the freckle color, and your ink choice. The result can be no different than tattooing on skin without any freckles.

Thoroughly understand the entire tattooing process and if you are worried about pain incurred during the tattooing process, Numb Skin will take care of it as it contains 5% lidocaine effective enough to numb the affected area, thereby making the entire tattooing process painless.

Just let your ideas flow in form of a creative tattoo.

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