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Awesome Greek Tattoos to Choose From

Posted on May 15 2019


Here is a list of Greek tattoos that will make you to get the one right now.)

Greek is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. There are many things we owe to them, from architecture, math, philosophy, democracy, plenty of English words and theatre.

And one of them is art. To the Greeks, art meant excellence and exploring one’s full potential. It is so fascinating and carries mythological appeal as well.

No wonder that Greek art is gaining popularity among tattoo lovers. From deities, verses, symbols, calligraphy to mythological reference, Greek tattoos come in every shape and size.

Here is a list of some intriguing Greek tattoos which convince you to get the one.

 Greek Deity Tattoos:

Greek civilization had total 12 gods and goddesses. Some of them are Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo, Ares, Zeus being the major one, and Dionysus. Each deity is supposed to perform certain duty. For example, Apollo is the god of arts and knowledge while Athena is the goddess of warfare and wisdom.

And good thing is that all of them can be turned into an awesome tattoo. You can get them on the sleeve, shoulders or the back.

Greek Biblical Verse Tattoo Design:

Greek calligraphy is another piece of art that has deeply influenced the world of art and culture. Greek Biblical verses are popular among tattoo freak. They are not only meaningful, but also look stunning.

Greek Dove Tattoo:

Greek dove tattoo stands for serenity, calm and peace. A dove with a green leaf in its beak carries a great Biblical significance and meaning. It also stands for dry land that has found mentioned in the days of Noah.


Achilles is a great warrior in the Trojan War and is widely recognized as the central character in Homer’s Iliad. He is known for strength, courage and endurance.

Therefore, if you are a soldier, wrestler, gym buff or an athlete, this tattoo will be appealing to you.

Medusa Greek Tattoo:

Medusa was a Greek mythological figure known for her demonic appearance. She owns a hideous face while having living snakes instead of hair. She represents evil, magic, feminine power, death, freedom, and jealousy. Her snakes are said to stand for the natural cycle of life while her wings represents freedom. She is an inspiration behind many iconic paintings like La Medusa by Pieter Paul Rubens, the Medusa by Caravaggio and Medusa by Arnold Böcklin and the ‘Pegasus’ Pablo Picasso.

Her strange appearance lets the tattoo artist experiment with their creativity.

Greek Angel Tattoo:

 Angels have played an eminent role in Greek mythology. The world angle is borrowed from a Greek word named “aggelos” which means messenger. A Greek angel is depicted in a traditional way—with huge wings and sword to give it an graceful appearance.

Greek Mythology Tattoo:

Several popular Greek anecdotes or fables have been translated into beautiful tattoos, from Midas’ golden touch or Odysseus’ tryst with Trojan horse. What about the Battle of the God or the Battle of the Titans theme?

The Owl:

The owl stands for the wisdom of Athens and is linked to Athena.


You must have read pi in math equations. Pi is also a sixteenth symbol in Greek alphabets which denotes celestial meaning. Horizontal lines in pie stand for sky-heaven level while vertical lines are depicted energy suppliers.

 We hope that these Greek tattoos must have enthralled you. However, you should get them done from experienced tattoo artist. After all, it requires one to have an expertise on the subject matter. Since tattoos does hurt, don’t forget to apply a numbing cream an hour before tattooing.

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