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8 Classy Design Ideas for Foot Tattoos

Posted on May 21 2019

With tattoos being popular across the globe, Italy is said to have the highest percent of tattooed people, nearly 48%. Next in the list are Sweden and US with 47% and 46%, respectively. When you want to get tattooed in style, foot tattoos serve you the best. Though your feet provide a smaller area as compared to other parts of your body, still it is said to be prominent choice in tattooing world.

If you have made up your mind for getting your feet tattooed, the next big challenge would be choosing the right designs. Well, there are endless options. However, it is always a perfect idea to go for something meaningful. To help you make a right choice, here are some great ideas. Have a look:

True North

foot tattoo design

Don’t want to go too big? You can opt for this cute little foot tattoo which doubles as a moral compass. Being flirty and fancy design it take on a traditional compass depicting the most upward direction of north.

 Anchors Away!

foot tattoo design

Being one of the most popular tattoo styles every found, anchor can be infused with several other details. The one example is here. With realistic roses and dew drops, it turns out to be classy and dramatic.


foot tattoo design

These have been in the world since tattooing began gaining popularity. Though in the modern times people prefer getting tribal tattoos on the arm or back, you can get them on tattoo too. It will be a great option for the linear pattern, and you can branch out from the foot, making it extend all the way up the calf.

Fierce florals

foot tattoo design


You can go very creative such tattoos which gives off a wild vibe, having those animal print on the top and some flower covering it nicely. It is a pretty and feminine choice to have floral and heart patterns infused. While this one has black and white color, you can make it colorful to be unique.

One fine vine

foot tattoo design

Get simply gorgeous with such a lovely leafy pattern. It appears to be very delicate as it naturally arches up the ankle.

Natural Instincts

foot tattoo design

Want to go from foot to ankle to leg tattoo? All this is possible in one shot now. You can ask for a similar pretty floral tattoo which grows around her ankle. That extra added element, the bird which swoops down is mean to pour in some more vibrant colors. The creativity depends on your tattoo artist!

A Bug’s Life

foot tattoo design

While a dragonfly is said to be a tribute to someone who has passed, these are said to be carrying messages from beloved ones in the afterlife. It makes a good choice and is appreciated for its aesthetics too.

Flower Power!

foot flower tattoo design

When nothing appears to be exciting, you can trust flowers. Such a threesome design will give you a little pop of color, growing from a thin black vine. This can be a beautiful little foot design, adding more style to your character.

You have many good choices now, right?

Pick the one which suits your persona, and the one you can wear for a lifetime. Lastly, remember foot tattoos can be more painful than any other style of tattooing. As there is less skin and more bones, it can be painful. For this, make sure you apply a numbing cream before the artist starts with the process. If you are not sure for which cream to invest in, try NumbSkin. It is one of the most reliable and reputed product, which comes with 5% lidocaine. Its application will make your skin numb for few hours. Hence, you will not feel any sensation and can get your foot inked with ease.

image credit:https://www.listsworld.com

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