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8 Body Piercing Risks Parents Must Make Their Teens Understand

Posted on May 14 2019

Is your teenager demanding for a body piercing?

It can be quite challenging for the parents to say NO to such a thing. Here you cannot completely refuse to them, and on the other hand you cannot let them take any wrong decision in their life. It can be difficult to see eye-to-eye on this subject. What makes the problem severe is that it can be hard to separate the facts from the myths surrounding this form of body modification. This further can make it difficult for the parents and teenagers to come to an agreement to accept this form of self-expression.

Are you just not sure what are the real risks of body piercing?

Well, the process has changed a lot over the years. It is now considered to be safer and popular. However, you cannot deny completely to the set of genuine problems which can and do arise. But on the other hand with some precautions and proper after care, you can certainly reduce their chances of having a problem. Here are some major risks described:

  1. Allergic Reactions: Not everyone has same skin type. There are people who are sensitive to certain metals. Your teenager might not be aware of the same, and might discover this after they are pierced. You need to make them aware of a severe reaction which can occur due to a wrong jewelry type. It can be detected with signs like rashes, swelling, and even difficulty in breathing.
  2. Nerve Damage: This usually occurs if a piercing isn't placed carefully. Yes, as the perforations are pushed through a nerve, which can be severe and make the surrounding area permanently deadened.
  3. Infection: It is one of the most common risks involved in any kind of piercings. It generally occurs due to improper care. When overlooked, infection can further lead to scarring and blood poisoning at worse. Yes, not only it makes the piercings unattractive but can also be very dangerous.
  4. Keloids: Have you seen those toughened knots of scar tissue in some people after getting pierced? These would appear like a cyst at the base of a piercing.
  5. Dental Risks: Are they looking for oral piercing? There are several problems which can arise from this type. The list includes damage to the gums, chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel, and swelling of the tongue.
  6. Excessive Bleeding: Of course, it sounds horrible! It can happen if during piercing the needle happens to hit a large blood vessel. In such a case, it can be difficult to stop the bleeding and you might have to rush them to doctor to get it cauterized.
  7. Cross-Contamination: Though this is not so common these days as the piercers are highly aware. But parents need to know that your teens can become cross-contaminated with Hepatitis, the HIV virus, or another blood-borne pathogen. This happens due to use of an improperly sterilized needles.
  8. Pain: This one is certain and it can be difficult to avoid. While some piercings might hurt a little, there are others which can be too painful to handle.

To avoid majority of these, a proper guidance and aftercare can be helpful. However, for the pain factor, you can choose a topical anesthetic cream like NumbSkin. As it comes with 5% lidocaine, it can help blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. Basically, it desensitizes the skin for three to four hours. Hence, there will be no pain.

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