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Posted on May 13 2019

If you are getting your first tattoo, there are chances for your be in dual state of mind. While there is an excitement for getting a new ink design, there is also stress for keeping it away from problems. And then there is one more factor which can leave you in worries.


It is none other than the tattoo pain. Without any doubt, pain is indispensable part of the process and it varies from one person to another. There are people who have a low pain threshold and might have to suffer more. In case, you dread of the suffering involved, it is best to prepare for the same in advance. Below are listed some tips to reduce the pain while you undergo tattooing.

  1. Focus on right stuff: Don’t put all your concentration on pain and tattoo. Thinking of that it will grow intolerable or the experience will be traumatic, will put you in problem. Instead, take a zen approach and focus elsewhere. If you can try meditation, it will be perfect. Else you can concentrate on music on or just talking to someone in the room.
  2. Have a break: Never hesitate from taking breaks when you have to. There are several areas which are simply more sensitive than others. For instance, if you are getting tattoos applied to your wrists, chest, ribs, or ankle, these can be exceptionally painful. So while your artist is working on your skin, ask him to take a pause to let you breathe.
  3. Go sober: You might not believe this one, but alcohol has a close relationship to tattoo pa. Getting tattooed while you are drunk can be more harmful than you think. Actually, alcohol intake can thin out your blood and this leads to more bleeding during the tattooing process. Plus, it also effects how well your skin will accept tattoo ink. If you are adding involuntary body movements which are produced by drunkenness you will be experiencing a more painful tattoo.
  4. Pro tip: Just like alcohol there are other substances leading to blood-thinning effects. So it is advised to stay away from caffeine and over-the-counter pain medicines.

  5. Have you meal and water: Another good thing you can do to make your tattooing comfortable is feed yourself well. Have a hearty meal beforehand as it provides you with added stamina. Hence, it will make easier for you to manage the pain involved. Similarly, drinking plenty of water is important before you get a tattoo. A well-hydrated body improves the ink absorption capacity of your skin which further speeds up tattooing.
  6. Pick a simple design: This is another wise decision to give a try. While you are choosing a design, keep the complex and intricate artwork at bay. As these are hard to do, these will take more time and will be more painful. Instead you can choose a simple and smaller design. You can discuss the idea with your artist for what you exactly want.
  7. Use a topical anesthetic: If nothing of the above works, don’t worry. There are solutions like NumbSkin which consists of numbing agent like lidocaine. Being FDA approved cream it is specifically designed to make procedures like tattooing, piercing, dermarolling, etc. painless. Being a perfect remedy for pain management, it works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. All you have to do is apply the cream around 45 minutes before the procedure starts. It will soon desensitize your skin for several hours and you can get tattooed in a painless manner.

 Hope you have got your answers!

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