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You Might Not Be Aware Of These 5 Things Happening To You After Getting Botox!

Posted on August 30 2018

Living with wrinkles can be traumatic. But just before you make a booking for next Botox session; make sure you are aware of these facts. Read on.

In the age of technology, when it seems possible to treat every problem from roots, you must look for every aspect related to the treatment in detail. And it is very true in the case of Botox treatment which is widely for wrinkle-free skin.

Botox treatment

With 7 Million people using Botulinum Toxin Type A to get rid of wrinkles, there are good chances for you to trust this method. As far as wrinkles are concerned, these develop over time due to contractions of the underlying facial muscles. As per the experts, more emotion you show, deeper will be the wrinkles and lines. Yes, almost everyone has to deal with lines. Whether you are smiling a lot, worry too much, or just squinting frequently, it can be dangerous.

Can Botox Help Treating Wrinkles?

Botox has been used worldwide to soften these irritating wrinkles. After being discovered in 1987 it has now turned into a billion dollar industry. It offers you a more relaxed and refreshed youthful appearance. Basically, these injections work by temporarily blocking the neurotransmitter, which causes the muscles to contract.

The good thing is that is a FDA approved treatment. But that’s not all! There is much more you need to know. Below are 5 pointers to be considered before you step out for a Botox session.

1. Pain is gain: Saying that Botox is painless will be unfair. It pains, how much, will vary from person to person. As it includes insertion of needle, this will be discomforting. To make it a smooth experience you can use a topical anesthetic cream like Numbskin. Being a numbing cream with 5% lidocaine it works on your skin by blocking the pain signals. When applied to the skin, it makes your skin numb for somewhere around three to four hours. This means, you can have a pain-free Botox treatment. Problem sorted?

2. Not only younger but smoother skin: That’s true! There is not only benefit of Botox. Another amazing effect of Botox is that it offers you smoother skin appearance. The reason for it is that there will be a reduced amount of muscle activity, which in turn makes your skin more pliable. As the underlying muscles are temporarily put to rest, muscle tone is reduced and there is loss of a folding. Simply, fine lines become less noticeable.

3. Repeated sessions are required: Botox effects aren’t permanent. The reason is that the results will start to wear off in three months or more. So, you’ll have to do it again if you maintain the results. Basically, the chemical reaction which bonds Botox to muscle cells tends to be permanent. However, the new nerves sprout connections to the muscle. To control these you have to resume the treatment after a few months.

4. Temporary but time efficient: When Botox is injected the nerves causing muscle movement are blocked. So, it does not directly treat the wrinkle from roots. But yes, it reduces the muscle activity. Hence, the wrinkle is no longer creased and reformed. After few months when the muscle activity return these can regenerate.

5. Small bumps: After your session, you might encounter some pea-sized bumps. These usually tend to pop up right after an injection. But you don’t need to worry. These will disappear after sometime. Basically, these bumps occur due to the fluid which is used to dilute the material as neuromodulators come as a powder.

So, once the fluid is absorbed by the skin, it will take somewhere around half an hour for the bumps to diminish.

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